Wednesday, November 15, 2017

What is LibSC Reader Kit?

What is LibSC Reader Kit

LibSC Card Reader Module Development Kit developed by JavaCardOS Technologies is based on Arduino MFRC522-1.2.0 library source code. It has been further encapsulated and its functions has also been enhanced as well, which makes it much closer to a universal card reader's function.
Combined with the card provided by JavaCardOS, you can directly send control commands from PC to communicate with the reader and then read/write the card infomation.It expands the new command control channel while retaining the original printout function, which greatly facilitates the 14443 communication protocol learning process.


The content in the dotted box is the software code implementation on PC, such as all the scripts and LibSC API implementation.All these codes will be executed on PC.There are also two arrows,which indicate PORT A and PORT B. The PORT A is connected with USB cable.Although we just see an USB cable ,essentially,the USB device is virtual as a serial device to access to the computer.The PORT B indicates the dupont wires, which connnect arduino core board and MFRC522.The firmware code is downloaded to core board via USB, so you will see that the source code of this kit is divided to two directories, that is Client(PC-side code) and Firmware( firmware code that will be downloaded to arduino core board).

  • Read/Write card content by sending/receiving command via USB virtual serial port
  • Printout debug information via serial port(Serial.print)
  •  Support Arduino IDE 1.8.0
  • Read/write MIFARE card
  • Read/write 14443 type A CPU card
  •  Implement card UID clone operation by LibSC_Tools,a graphical interface open source tool.

List of Components

  • arduino UNO R3 board
  • MFRC522 antenna board
  • 1 * 8 Pin Header Strip(for MFRC522 board)
  • 1 * 8 Pin Header Strip(bending socket for MFRC522 board)
  • Dupont wire * 7
  • USB cable * 1
  • MIFARE 1k card

Download Source Code


 Installation instructions and use the steps here for reference